Friday, 29 November 2013

It's Almost Like a Dance...

Tomorrow Monogatari's third full length album, It's Almost Like a Dance..., will be released, and that's a cause for celebration. There wont, however, be any release party. Not now, not yet. Probably there will be something later on. We'll keep you informed about that.

You can anyhow download the album at all the major sites for downloading music (Itunes, Amazon, etc) and listen to it at the different streaming services available, like Spotify. If you would like a proper cd to own, you can either come to our gigs, send me an email or visit the recordstore Rundgång in Malmö. They also have it.

The songs appearing on the album are these:

Dance Shiva, Dance!!!
A March of Swine
Some Are Born To Sweet Delight
Raise the Stakes

For the first time in world history someone else than Sebastian Ungh appears on a record by Monogatari. On track one and seven, the drums are handled by Monogataris former drummer Lennie Stranne.

Check it out!

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