Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The history of Monogatari

Monogatari was founded 2007 by Sebastian Ungh. You might say that he is Monogatari, since he writes all the tunes and stands for all performances on the records. Live it's been a different story alltogether. On stage, he have been joined by quite a few people by now. Here is the history of Monogatari on stage.

Sebastian Ungh, Founder of the group, composer and multiinstrumentalist (2007 and onwards)

Joakim Palmqvist, guitar (2007-2008)

Simon Almcrantz, keys, (2007-2008)

Maria Ådahl Rise, flute, fan organ, percussion (2007-2009)

Daniel Gustavsson, electric guitar (2008)

Linn Cardell, glockenspiel, percussion (2008)

Agnes Wästfelt, clarinet, organ, glockenspiel (2008-2009)

Nadin Al Khalidi, violin, guitar, percussion (2009)

Olof Jennfors, bouzouki (2007-2013)

Linda Nilsson Ungh, accordeon, harmonica, toy piano, glockenspiel and pocket piano (2007-2013)

Lennie Stranne, drums (2007-2013)

Mattias Otfors, ukelele, percussion, stylophone (2008-2013)

In the present line up Sebastian is joined by these persons:

Jens Ihlström, guitars, and percussion (2008 and onwards)

Matilda Cederquist, violin, stylophone, synthezisers (2009 and onwards)

Hanna Folkemark Ellborg, accordeon, glockenspiel, percussion (2013 and onwards)

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