Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Live in Skåne Tranås

On the 12th of December, 4.30 PM, Monogatari will make a small gig as a trio at Café Madame Blå in Skåne Tranås, the small village in southern Sweden, where Sebastian grew up. The premises are as cosy as can be and will be a great location to enjoy Monogataris music.

The trio format is a fun and challenging one and chances are that you never before have heard the music of Monogatari quite the way you'll be able to on this concert. Sebastian Ungh (charango, Bontempi chord organ, toy piano, pocket piano, harmonica and percussion), Linda Nilsson Ungh (accordeon, toy piano, glockenspiel and harmonica) and Jens Ihlström (guitar) will give you a concert you wont forget.

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