Friday, 29 November 2013

It's Almost Like a Dance...

Tomorrow Monogatari's third full length album, It's Almost Like a Dance..., will be released, and that's a cause for celebration. There wont, however, be any release party. Not now, not yet. Probably there will be something later on. We'll keep you informed about that.

You can anyhow download the album at all the major sites for downloading music (Itunes, Amazon, etc) and listen to it at the different streaming services available, like Spotify. If you would like a proper cd to own, you can either come to our gigs, send me an email or visit the recordstore Rundgång in Malmö. They also have it.

The songs appearing on the album are these:

Dance Shiva, Dance!!!
A March of Swine
Some Are Born To Sweet Delight
Raise the Stakes

For the first time in world history someone else than Sebastian Ungh appears on a record by Monogatari. On track one and seven, the drums are handled by Monogataris former drummer Lennie Stranne.

Check it out!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Live in Skåne Tranås

On the 12th of December, 4.30 PM, Monogatari will make a small gig as a trio at Café Madame Blå in Skåne Tranås, the small village in southern Sweden, where Sebastian grew up. The premises are as cosy as can be and will be a great location to enjoy Monogataris music.

The trio format is a fun and challenging one and chances are that you never before have heard the music of Monogatari quite the way you'll be able to on this concert. Sebastian Ungh (charango, Bontempi chord organ, toy piano, pocket piano, harmonica and percussion), Linda Nilsson Ungh (accordeon, toy piano, glockenspiel and harmonica) and Jens Ihlström (guitar) will give you a concert you wont forget.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music for free!

Unless you already knew it, I would like to tell you that Monogatari has got a page on Facebook!/monogatariii. There you can get updates about Monogatari, contact  the band, look at pictures and buy music from the music store.

If you prefer getting the music for free, now is your opportunity. If the page have more than hundred likes at christmas, I will allow you to freely download all the tracks on Monogataris Soundcloud page

Would there be more than 200 likes by christmas, everyone who have liked the page will have a chance to win a copy of Monogataris next album, It's Almost Like a Dance...

So spread the word folks, like us and tell your friends to do the same!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Void - a nibble from the album to come


On Soundcloud, you can listen to two pre-released tracks from Monogataris' next album It's Almost Like a Dance... Enjoy!

The history of Monogatari

Monogatari was founded 2007 by Sebastian Ungh. You might say that he is Monogatari, since he writes all the tunes and stands for all performances on the records. Live it's been a different story alltogether. On stage, he have been joined by quite a few people by now. Here is the history of Monogatari on stage.

Sebastian Ungh, Founder of the group, composer and multiinstrumentalist (2007 and onwards)

Joakim Palmqvist, guitar (2007-2008)

Simon Almcrantz, keys, (2007-2008)

Maria Ådahl Rise, flute, fan organ, percussion (2007-2009)

Daniel Gustavsson, electric guitar (2008)

Linn Cardell, glockenspiel, percussion (2008)

Agnes Wästfelt, clarinet, organ, glockenspiel (2008-2009)

Nadin Al Khalidi, violin, guitar, percussion (2009)

Olof Jennfors, bouzouki (2007-2013)

Linda Nilsson Ungh, accordeon, harmonica, toy piano, glockenspiel and pocket piano (2007-2013)

Lennie Stranne, drums (2007-2013)

Mattias Otfors, ukelele, percussion, stylophone (2008-2013)

In the present line up Sebastian is joined by these persons:

Jens Ihlström, guitars, and percussion (2008 and onwards)

Matilda Cederquist, violin, stylophone, synthezisers (2009 and onwards)

Hanna Folkemark Ellborg, accordeon, glockenspiel, percussion (2013 and onwards)

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Some old members have left the group due to various reasons. C'est la vie. However there's a a new and fantastic addition in accordeonist Hanna Folkemark Ellborg who have joined our ranks. And I'm very happy about it!